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Progress Seminar 2023


Guidelines for the Seminar:

If you cannot give your talk you have to change with someone else.
If you are ill etc, send around an email to:

You will be given a new spot in the near future.

1) Please do not present polished talks. Use the time to present problems and questions that you want to have discussed to improve your project.
Try to be as close to the original data as possible and also talk about controls and confunders to enable criticism from the listeners.Try to present new data and not simply append to the talk that you have given last time.

2) Talks should aim for 20-30 minutes.

3) As the audience: please ask questions, also during the talk. When you get lost during the talk,
maybe that´s also an important feedback.

4) We will have method seminars from time to time again. This is the opportunity to share things that are new to you and others might benefit from.

5) You are asked to comment on not only on the data but also on the style of the presentation. e.g. slides that are presented.


Date Speaker AG
12.01.2023 Corbinian Graf AG Stetter
19.01.2023 Susanne Vollmer AG Stetter
26.01.2023 Tom Winkler AG Stetter
02.02.2023 Hanna Bechtel AG Hülskamp
09.02.2023 Andrii Zinchenko AG Hülskamp
16.02.2023 Weiberfastnacht  
23.02.2023 Melanie Kreiss AG Höcker
02.03.2023 Akanksha Singh AG Stetter
09.03.2023 Pengxin Yu AG Höcker
16.03.2023 Helen Jansen AG Hülskamp
23.03.2023 Zhen Cao AG Höcker
30.03.2023 Julio Martinez AG Stetter
06.04.2023 Easter break  
13.04.2023 Easter break  
20.04.2023 Kerstin Schulz AG Stetter
27.04.2023 Jessica Thome AG Höcker
04.05.2023 Maike Hansen AG Höcker
11.05.2023 Barbara Paffendorf AG Hülskamp
18.05.2023 Christi Himmelfahrt  
25.05.2023 Laura Trimborn AG Höcker
01.06.2023 Torry Tao AG Höcker
08.06.2023 Fronleichnam  
15.06.2023 Corbinian Graf AG Stetter
22.06.2023 Ira Trivedi AG Höcker
29.06.2023 Susanne Vollmer AG Stetter
06.07.2023 Hanna Bechtel AG Hülskamp
13.07.2023 summer break  
20.07.2023 summer break  
27.07.2023 summer break  
03.08.2023 summer break  
10.08.2023 summer break  
17.08.2023 summer break  
24.08.2023 summer break  
31.08.2023 Tom Winkler AG Stetter
07.09.2023 Ruiyan „Torry“ Tao AG Höcker
14.09.2023 Laura Trimborn AG Höcker
21.09.2023 Andrii Zinchenko AG Hülskamp
28.09.2023 Akanksha Singh AG Stetter